When to suggest to them to take a “break” from archery. 

Some days there is a plan and purpose when the blog cursor is on the screen.  Today, it is 8 pm and there hasn’t been time to consider.  With the goal of updating 6 days a week, today let’s discuss that everyday includes archery. 

Nothing life changing.  However, it was a parent or archery parent moment.  Just coming home, the archer is going to go see a movie with friends.  He informs me that he has to go practice first.  Typically, there is determination and focus in his voice.  Today, it was different. It had a ” because I have to” tone.  

Based on the fact that this parent is still trying to recover from a very tough tournament. It was mentally draining for even an adult. This young man doesn’t have the wisdom behind him to walk it through without some guidance. It was a parent vs archery parent moment today.

Parent was used tonight.  Explaining that it is ok to take a break.  That this parent was still trying to move on.  The response.  When was youth world trail?, 7 weeks, was replied.  Good.  Still going to practice but not his normal intense several hours a day.  He is learning to listen.  And only 16.  If that were only true…this parent just gave him an escape and he took it just enough to let the pressure down. 

It is ok.  Rest is very important.  Have fun at the movies.  Now, this is what my archer considers a “break”.  Day off not an option, but less pressure is.  

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