When the Blood Pressure is UP!

shutterstock_369988844-double-brain-openerLet us just take a minute to discuss blood pressure and archery for this parent.   There are three types of situations during archery related activities that have caused a raise in blood pressure.  These three are definitely in ascending order. One, traveling on airplanes to tournaments.  Two, watching “my archer” in eliminations. Three, when someone causes “harm” to “my child.”  Harm, not like physical abuse, but situations that you know your “child” is sinking.  Let us chat about number three.

There is a distinct difference between “my archer” and “my child.”  “My archer” represents well, archery.  “My child” represents, you have crossed the line and now you get to meet “this” archery parent.   It is a RARE moment that it is needed to have to step over that red line that was crossed by another person.

There is a time to help your archer in situations that are beyond their mental stress capacity.  This has only happened, maybe, three times that can be recalled.  This one happened this weekend. So what does this parent do.  One, prayer and a lot of it.  Two, step away when you know you can’t take too much more.  Three, once the tournament was done for the day, shut down.  There is handling the situation as well if needed, but that is another blog.

This is not about religion, for this parent, prayer is a big part of daily life.  Yes, it is recommended because it works and this is just one story.  This parent invites God to spend the day at the tournament and know that everything is present when needed in all situations.  Ends the day with gratitude, guidance, and continued thanks. Sleepless nights typical allow for this.

As the blood pressure rises in situations in the middle of a tournament and obviously your archer isn’t in grave danger, remove yourself.  Far enough away to either keep an eye out or simply leave for a little while.  This just helps to focus on finding inner peace and or just rant and rave until you can breathe!

At the end of most archery competition days, we return to the hotel and get take out and chill.  Typically, not a lot of chatter.  Just rest and relaxation watching tv or something on the computer.   There are a few tournaments that we get to spend time with the “original” archery family and we go out to dinner, then to the room to shut down.  These are the people who recharge you, not drain you.

Finding your ability to make it through those learning moments takes more patience and wisdom than this parent carries.  This is when relaying on the people who have been placed on the team get relied upon.  Mentors, coaches, peers, friends, family, etc.  The support system in place is important.  When your archer is getting closer to the top-level of archery, there must be a solid team in place not only for the archer, but YOU.  Find your archery family.




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