Archery Lingo while Spotting

3d Lingo

A good spotter is important.  In archery, a spotter is a person that is watching the arrow hit the target while you shoot.  In 3D style shooting there are many factors that effect the arrow.  The spotter will let the archer know where the arrow is in the target without the archer having to look.  This saves time and allows for minor adjustments if needed.

These are just a few on the lingo used in archery.  This was just what was heard at the tournament this past weekend.  Thought is would be insightful to share in case you hear it out on the range.

The target is looked at like a clock.  A spotter may say 3 o’clock…this would mean that you arrow is around the 3 o’clock line in the target.  It will be called in or out.  “In” being within the orange 11 point kill spot.  “Out”, well, the arrow missed the orange dot.  “High” or “tall” and “low” will let the shooter know if they missed or just hit the target high or low in the spot.

“Tweener”,  the arrow is in between the two scoring rings.  “Yap”, means…yap, good shot, no adjustments needed, do it again.  Inside out, or good shoot means you hit the middle middle.  Or an “X”. “Jar licking”, is the arrow is just touching the scoring line.  In archery that will always give you the higher score.  “Half shaft out”, you just missed.

These are just a few of the archery lingo that is heard on the field.  Knowing the lingo is fun to know.  It is like breaking into a secret code that the top archers you to communicate.

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