NFAA 3D Nationals in Redding Ca. Day 1

20170505_113726.jpgToday was a lovely day in Redding, Ca.  The prior four years have been either hot hot hot or raining and miserable.  Today was different due to the weather staying in the high 70’s.  This year, this parents’ morning was spent going on a hike, watching shooters while drawing, and spending the afternoon watching and winding our way through the lower part of the course.

On the hike, there were the wonderful noises of archery and nature .  The sounds included the pounding of arrows hitting the targets, the hissing of arrows flying in the air and the jingling of arrows in quivers as archers walked.  Nature provided the chirping birds and gentle breezes moving the leaves around.  There was the sound of quads and workers maintaining targets and keeping the tournament running.  Additionally, was the chatter of the archers, the moans and groans.  The joy and frustrations mixed in as the day progressed.

Despite the best effort of the crew, there was still the normal target congestion and occasional long wait.  These times are dreaded, however this is when conversations are had and friendships and relationships are developed.  Nothing like 40 or more archers all crowed into a small area sharing the shade to get conversation rolling.

By the afternoon, the clouds moved in and the wind just started at the final target. However, it was a welcome relief to the sun.  Best score that this parent heard was 1 down for the day.  Tomorrow will bring new challenges.  Weather is to remain in the 70’s, however the wind is supposed to be an issue.  However, the changes in condition to help separate the pack and challenges the archers.  Shoot Straight!


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