The Dreaded “First” Expensive Bow

This is not an easy purchase.  This first top bow, to help stretch limits and achieve further success, comes with a big price tag.   That was actually the easier part, not that it did not hurt financially.  The hardest part was the months of our archer begging, pushing, “lawyering” the reasons this bow was needed.  Then it was still difficult to find a bow that has what the adult bows offer in a size for a growing young archer.

The cost of a top bow, without including anything needed to shoot the bow, starts at $1000.  The additional required equipment really should match the new technology in the hands of an archer.  Now, you are closer to $2000.  Add in arrows, and well those do make a difference. Honestly, if you have a $2500 budget you should do well.  There are great deals on used top equipment.  This greatly reduces your costs, but ensure it is a good source for purchase.

“Lawyering”, not a technical term.  However, it was exhausting listening to all the reasons this bow was needed.   It is true that this comes naturally to him.  Becoming a good salesman is a great tool to have in archery.  However, the wish of it ending after the first top bow was purchased, and the wish to end the debates, was not even close to ending.  New and better equipment comes out every year. Sigh.

Many top bows did not come in the size for the youth.  Now, this was four years ago, many manufacturers have created good youth bows.  Now your concern needs to be ensuring it is a bow that correctly fits your archery and that is has some ability to grow with them.  Can you buy new cams for $200 and lengthen the draw?  This is advised because, it will help them grow with the bow a little longer and with less expense. Having an archer short drawn is not going to help them to learn and progress as quickly as a bow that adjusts and maintains correct form.

Is it worth it.  For this parent, it was.  It was seeing a young person find a passion.  The pros far out way the cons.  Now, this was just this parents version and experience.

HOYT Alpha Elite in Orange was our first big purchase.


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