#7 Charity of the Archery Community

Charity to many may mean simply the giving of money.  The type of charity in archery in this blog is the charity of giving.  The community of archery has always proven to be a giving sport.

Tournaments can be a battleground of competition.  The intensity on the line causes the hush atmosphere. Archery is a battle of controlling the body, mind, and soul.  Equipment failures happen often. Traveling snafoos can cause missing equipment.  There has never been a time that the archery community has not jumped into help.

Every archer dreads this happening.  At NFAA Vegas Shoot this past year, an international competitor had a missing bow bag upon arrival.  The archery community pulled together everything needed for this archer to compete.  If a tool is need to adjust or fix equipment at tournaments, there has never been a time that an archer has not been helped or assisted to the best of the abilities of those around. 

Archery embodies charity.  When an archer is sick, charities is given to help raise funds.  Archery is a family sport. Archers become family.  When one hurts others feel it.  

This parent has insisted on the charity of time to sponsors and coaches.  The charity of giving back is equally as important.  

Charity starts at home, continues on the range and finishes on the field.  

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