Redding NFAA 3D Nationals!

This is a loved place.  We are looking forward to see if the cap on archers and online target assignments will cut down on the waiting time.  The relaxed atmosphere and just joy of archers ensures fun.

Every year there is a tragic accident event.  Redding is a tough walking trail in parts.  These are the events recalled; one died of heart attack in hotel, one shot in leg by d loop breaking, one broke ankle and other tried to help fell on a stake.  This is not to scare you.  This is too excite you.  

Redding NFAA 3D Nationals is a blast.  Best of friends, food and consistency.  The venue is great.  The food is good.  The beer is cold.   Bring a chair to just hang and watch.  Camping and archers joining together for a four day outdoor beautiful tournament.

The inside of your car will carry as much dust as the outside.  A well organized crew will squeeze all the cars in.  The mass of people waiting on breakfast will be fed quickly and efficiently.  There is Dutch Bros.  or the “s” word coffee.  

See you in Redding!

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