Keeping Records for Your Archer’s Success



When we landed back to the archery studio years after the oldest attempted archery, due to the Lord of the Ring craze, we landed back into a well established, with excellent coach JOAD program.  As our life started having archery add into it at an alarming rate, I ask questions.  This amazing women, dear friend, and still one of the coaches, told me to keep records.

This is not a difficult task.  Simply just a file that contains all score cards.  Ensure each score card has the event date.  Organize this fold per year.  It was around the second year of archery, that we started a pulling the results together.  One of the best ways to show and encourage your archer, is when you can tell them that they shot X number of points better this year than last.

Every tournament that shows improvement, shows growth.  Even if the archer comes off the tournament disappointed, as most archers do, they can feel success in the improvement of the work.  Ensuring your archer has an open mindset, one that doesn’t see frustrations as failure, but a step forward.  It takes many years for any archer to make it to the top.

It is not until your archer is close to the top in state would a resume really be needed.  Once they step on the podium or start landing their names in the top 15 in the nation, is a real push for sponsors encouraged, however, those prior years are about forming relationships at tournaments.

Even if your archer does this for fun and enjoys competition and struggles, those records still hold encouragement.  They hold stories from the tournaments.  Those score cards are fun to look back at as the years pass.  Keep records.

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