Archery Essay Presentation – Please Mom!

Well, this was not the plan.  The plan was to tackle a number on the list on the prior blog post, 11 Lessons Learned as an Archey Parent. It is possible that the list is now 12!  The Art of saying NO.   However, since that didn’t happen, one should probably not address such a foreign subject.  

A well written essay for an AP English class, also, requires a slide presentation for an 8 to 10 minute presentation.  The material had already been proofed, so the content was familiar.  Having a marketing background, this is a “no brainer”, as my dad says.  Now, all that was laid out was an organization of the slides, the rest was on him.  Archery in this parents world is 7/24. 

However, due to the suspected decline in firing brain cells, this brain is cooked. 

(Local photo of tournament) 

Thus, concluding that…this is tonight’s blog.  

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