#8 Patience Behind the Line

Archery is a gentleman’s sport, of sorts.  Having been a baseball and football parent prior, it is drastically different.  Golf is the closest sport that comes to mind. Golf and archery have a few things in common.  The two can take you through lovely courses and it is a sport of patience.  Archery days are long and exhausting.


This type of patience is difficult.  Most parents instinctively rush to save or fix.  Some parents over react in already stressful situations for the archer.  If, you have read the post on the art of silence, there is a shared example of my failure.  This parent has caused more stress and frustration, unintentionally.  Because we are so close to the archers at most shooting venues, it is easy to rush in to help, correct, or save.  When your actions show increased tension, step back.

Having obtained USA Archery Level 2 credentials, there have been many hours sitting under the tents with the young archers.  At this point, my position is further back behind the lines and far enough away, that my voice is not heard by the archers.  The choice to learn to shoot and obtain the credentials was to learn basic knowledge of archery and not to have to bring a chair and tent to every event all over the USA.  They joy of getting to know the youth archers has allowed a insight to the archers.  As your archer reaches higher levels and begins relationships with pros, having your parent hanging around, just isn’t a good idea.  However, relationships are developed by your smile and friendliness when near by.

At all 3D tournaments, up until this past year, my boots were on the ground with the archers.  Many times keeping score to have a job on the long days on the trail.  Even on the trail, silence is required.  There is even a greater requirement with the PRO/Team groups shooting the trails.   There will be bad language and frustration by most archers.  There will be jabs and weird topics of discussion, including politics.  There will be strong opinions on equipment and even other archers.   Not the issue of the parent.  Patience and Silence go hand in hand in many ways.  Take deep breathes.  Listen to music.  Disengage enough to be there and enjoy but not step in.

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Many situations that need correcting or addressing can be addressed. Conversations or concerns can be addressed.  Having the patience to find the right time with a good attitude will always pay off.  During shooting is rarely the right time.



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