Redding 3D Nationals x 5

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This year will mark the fifth consecutive year that we have been to Redding.  This year, like last, we felt prepared.  That took three prior years to be prepared and able to just know the ins and outs.  For any first timer…it is overwhelming.  It is awesome.  It is exhausting.  It is NFAA and all NFAA.  NFAA and USA archery are two drastically different tournament types in just about every way.   NFAA is friend, family and serious archery wrapped into a well organized package.   USA archery is mainly serious archery.

Our first two years were with friends and family type of archery.  Large groups joined together enjoying archery in a beautiful location.  It is truly a lovely location.  We figured out traffic, practice locations and when to go practice.  This tournament has required huge learning curves with equipment issues and malfunctions.  The prior two years, it has been learning the Pro/Team game of shooting.  Much more intense.  Each has required less and less of this parents time.  Last year, in fact, thrift shopping and real lunches come to mind.  This year, the hope is a lovely spot watching shooters with a good book.  Even hiking off without an archer insight.  Probably the last time that being present is “required”.  Although, this will still be on my list of ones to attend, if possible.

Redding trail suggestions: umbrella (needed at several shots with sun in eyes, give shade and rain protection) – rain jacket or garbage bag – light and easy to shoot for archery – ziploc bag to keep over sight if raining – water and snacks on hand – there are snack shacks with hot dog or hamburger option and great options at main location, including breakfast – depending on target – hand wipes (for after outhouse use) – layers in clothes – weather can be anything – hat or visor  – sun screen – cash for snack shacks – sensible shoes (hiking up and down and around) –  Less is better.  Back pack it.  Some take seats, like the Sweet Seat for archer –  not a bad idea – little awkward to walk around in. However, not sitting on the ground when stuck at a target that is backed up for an hour or more…has benefits for sure!

The vendors are all located under tents, cold beer and adult beverages are available after shoot day end.  Great freebees for the kiddos at many vendors.  Friendly and fun.  Staying last day to watch final shoot offs worth it if you can stay.  Two years ago, my archer was in his first shoot off on the big field.  Exciting stuff.


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