Where Targets Come to Die

It has been a very long winter.  This SoCal girl after a rough central Oregon winter, was simply enjoying a true spring day.  As I wondered, the grave yard of targets from days long gone were littered about the land. Each of these targets have a history.  They each served the intended purpose quite well.  They each had amazing pros and selective cons. They each represent a different stage in archery in our lives.  Each target holds successes intertwined in a web of frustrations and growth.  Don’t think they will be tossed.  Maybe stored for the future.  Seriously,  when the baby bird flies the coop to college next year, this momma bird will need something to hug.  Why not a target?

This weekend is a local “Redding” warm up.  Come back on Monday with something to share about something related to this archery parent life.

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