Are you an archery parent?

Never, ever, ever, would we dreamed that this would be the journey we would be on.  Team sport parent, homeroom mom kinda gal that landed smack dab in the middle of ARCHERY.  In 2011, Del Mar Fair, CA, just a small “Try Archery” booth built of straw and colorful balloons, a bow was placed into the hands of a 10 year old boy.  He hit a balloon or two.   Then, in 2011, Palomar Mountain, CA, just a week long camp that boys go live in the woods with no tents or bathrooms, another bow was placed into a 10 year old boys hands.  We pick this boy up from camp, he is dirty, covered in mosquito bites and exhausted, could not stop talking about archery and skeet shooting.  Clearly, recalling the question, “Sweetie, you will have to pick one?”  The answer after a thought, was archery.

For us, it was an easy pick for an archery program, as our oldest son in the Lord of the Ring craze, tried archery.  For this son, it wasn’t his thing, despite being good at it.  This son was a true team athlete.   Football and baseball…high school, travel ball, etc.  Thankfully, the shop still had the same coach at the same location.  We fell into a well established JOAD program.  It did not take long before the rented recurve turned into a Diamond compound bow.

Never, ever, ever would we dream that this would be the journey we would be on.  Flash forward. Now in 2017 – airports, hotels, rental cars, crazy weather, heartbreaks, mistakes, triumphs, success, friendships, money, money, and money spent.   This once ten year old child is now a 16 year old young man, that has traveled internationally, stood on many podiums, had heartbreaks spiritually, physically and mentally…this young man has taught this parent more lessons than one should ever be able to count.  If you are listening, we can work together to make this journey easier for you, the parent.  There is something about the confidence going into a tournament, that you know what to expect and what needs to be done or not done.  No reason not to share my mistakes, success and joys that has this archery parent blogging.  Happy to share.

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